Gallery Kodl is focused on Czech fine art of 19th and 20th century. The artwork sold is guaranteed personally not only by PhDr. Martin Kodl, graduate from Charles University and a sworn expert specialised in Czech painting of 19th and 20th century, but also by a number of prominent Czech art historians, authors of monographies and exhibitions of individual painters, eg. PhDr. Nadezda Blazickova-Horova, MUDr. Jaroslav Dostal, prof. PhDr. Frantisek Dvorak, PhDr. Eliska Fuciková, CSc., Mgr. Jiri Juza, PhD., doc. Jan Kacer, PhDr. Frantisek Krejci, PhDr. Vladimir Kriz, prof. PhDr. Vojtech Lahoda, PhDr. Jiri Machalicky, PhDr. Marcela Macharackova, PhDr. Rea Michalova, PhD., Mgr. Roman Musil, PhDr. Mahulena Neslehova, PhDr. Jana Orlikova-Brabcova, PhDr. Pavla Pecinkova, CSc., prof. PhDr. Roman Prahl, CSc., ac. sculptor Zdenek Preclik, doc. Marie Rakusanova, PhDr. Nada Rehakova, PhDr. Karel Srp, PhD., prof. Tomas Vlcek, CSc., PhDr. Tomas Winter, PhD., PhDr. Michael Zachar, prof. PhDr. Jaromir Zemina and many other renowned experts and specialists who help mediate art of work to general public.

The Gallery remains faithful to its traditional orientation to the Czech fine art, but at the same time it strives to extend and increase active cooperation with foreign auction houses and private galleries in Europe and USA. With its focus of activity it strives for visibility of the Czech fine art beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, of its undisputable importance and quality.

In cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague, Gallery of the Capital City of Prague, Moravian Gallery in Brno, East-Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice, North-Bohemian Gallery of Fine Arts in Litomerice, West-Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen, Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava and a number of other institutions Gallery Kodl participates in preparation and realisation of exhibitions and monographs of many authors like Karel Černy, Emil Filla, Frantisek Kupka, Rudolf Kremlicka, Otakar Nejedly, Jan Preisler, Jakub Schikaneder, Ladislav Sutnar and Vaclav Spala, Jindrich Styrsky, Toyen, Ludvik Vacatko or Jan Zrzavy.

Gallery Kodl participated in the preparation of the exhibition held by the Gallery of the Capital City of Prague, named „Shout mouths“, focusing on the expressionist tendencies in the Czech art, further the exposition „Human beings from nowhere“ dedicated to academism and academic painting in the first half of 20th century in Bohemia and an exceptionally successful retrospection of Vaclav Radimsky or the exhibition ,,Josef Váchal: Magic of searching.“

The Gallery is committed to a long term cooperation with the National Gallery and took part in organising expositions: „Rembrandt and company“, discovered retrospection of Adolf Chwala, one of the most successful monographic expositions of all time – Jakub Schikaneder’s work, which attracted a record number of visitors and was completed by more than fifty paintings borrowed by the Gallery Kodl, or Ludvik Kuba’s exposition in Salm Palace.

Gallery Kodl was also engaged in a project with the Gallery of Fine Arts in Cheb exploring the work if Milos Jiranek, with the Gallery of Kolin in preparing an exposition of Vaclav Radimsky, with the Gallery of modern art in Roudnice nad Labem during the retrospection of Frantisek Kavan or with the East Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice in organising an exposition of Antonin Chitussi, which became the most successful project of this regional institution in 2012.

The Gallery Kodl played also an important role in organising major projects of Ostrava Gallery, „Sváry zření“ (,,Contention of vision”), „Black suns – Reverse side of modernity 1927 – 1945,“ „Jan Zrzavy – Divine game“ or „Bohumil Kubista – Shining crystal.“

The Gallery Kodl further cooperated with the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen during the expositions „Rhythms+movement+light. Impulses of futurism.“ and „Palm trees on Vltava – Primitivism, non-European cultures and Czech art 1850 – 1950“ or „Orbis Pictus of Frantisek Kupka.“

The Gallery Kodl itself is also engaged in exhibition activities and has already organised a number of successful exhibitions, eg. „Emil Filla from private collections“, „Brno in Prague – Josef Kubicek, Janus Kubicek and friends“, „Frantisek Kavan,“ ,,Otakar Schindler,“ „Karel Vaca,“ „Jan Spala,“ „Marak´s School,“ followed by an exhibition ,,Czech impressionism,” retrospective exhibition ,,Frantisek Ronovsky-paintings and drawings,“ „Vaclav Radimsky“ which was preceded by a successful exhibition of this artist at the Gallery of the Capital City of Prague and others. For the time being, the latest exhibition named „Significant sales“ reminded the visitors once again of the most important masterpieces of the Gallery form its twenty years of functioning. (see more in the section Exhibitions).