30. 11. 2014 Auction day 73

The traditional autumn Auction day will be held on Sunday 30th November 2014 at 1 p.m. in the Žofín palace in Prague.


More than 450 art pieces will be offered to art collectors with total starting price for almost 83 million CZK.


The biggest sensation of the auction could become the absolutely unique, eminently gallery art work by Toyen „Dream“, from the highest surrealistic period of 1937, starting at 12 million CZK that can attack the top 10 of the Czech highest auctioned paintings or absolutely rare and on auction market precious „Still life“ for 5,5 million CZK, excellently representing the period of analytic cubism. Extraordinary artefact is also a brilliant post-war painting by Josef Sima „Metamorphosis IV“ for 3,9 million CZK, large format  „Seagull flying in a dream“ by Czech most expensive living author Theodor Pistek, starting at 2,5 million CZK or early work of Vaclav Bostik, an initiator of Czech abstract painting, starting at 2,1 million CZK. Czech surrealism further represents outstanding solitaire Frantisek Janousek, his „Woman in front of mirror“ starts at the price 1,7 million CZK, post-war suggestive canvas by Toyen „Without traces“ for 3 million CZK or two works by Frantisek Muzika.  


Czech 19th century represents splendid meditative painting „Solitude“ by Jakub Schikaneder for 3,5 million CZK, further triplet of Brozik´s works; „Comet“, „Pharaoh´s daughter“ and „Goose girl“, which belong to the best then figural painting or unique work by Benes Knüpfer „Uncertain trophy“. Naturally we cannot forget sovereign example of Czech romanticism, work by Josef Navratil „Landscape with mountain saw“ starting at 1 million CZK and absolutely rare on auction market  „Faith, Hope and Love“ by Frantisek Tkadlik.


Not only collectors and investors, but also the general public, will be surely interested  in three Spala´s paintings;„Kost castle“ for 1,25 million CZK, „Peony bouquet“ for 1 million CZK and „Hotel Prague“ with calling price 400 000 CZK and also two excellent paintings by Josef Capek, lyric work „Desire“ for 1,5 million CZK and beatiful optimistic painting „Play“, starting at 2 million CZK.

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