29. 5. 2022 12:00Auction for Centrum Paraple

For the eleventh time, the KODL Gallery auction also included a charity part in favor of the non-profit organisation Centrum Paraple. This time we managed to get proceeds of CZK 1,536,500. The auction included works by Luis Frydman, Jan Hísek, Adam Kašpar, Ivan Pinkava, Viktor Pivovarov, Jaroslav Róna, Ira Svobodová, Jakub Špaňhel, Karel Štědrý and Mária Švarbová. The entire collection was then completed by the rare object called "Sunflowers",  designed by the renowned glass artist Ivana Houserová and donated to the auction by the Moser. The charity collection was complemented by the canvas "Corrida del Torro" by Karel Gott. Thanks to all the artists and owners of the artworks who donated their pieces to the auction!

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