The Magnificent seven

The lucky number 7 has accompanied us throughout the whole year - we are the art market leaders of the Czech republic for already 7 years in the row and our traditional 77th winter auction became the biggest auction in the history of the Czech republic, with total sales amounting to 170 000 000 CZK, sales ratio of 91 % and price increase of remarkable 108%. We are even more grateful for the new 24 authors' records; for over 6 000 art loving visitors who came to see the pre-auction exhibition and for over 500 bidders who filled the Žofín Palace and made of the auction an unforgettable experience.

Dear friends, we thank you cordially and sincerely for the beautiful and for many collectors exceptional year. We also hope that you will take some rest and enjoy the tranquillity of the Christmas time! The next year, the fortunate 7 will appear again and so we hope that the luck will stay with us and that with your help we will be able to witness similarly exceptional and unforgettable experiences as this year.

Thank you for the most successful auction of the history of the Czech republic!