Václav Špála (1885–1946)


Technique :oil on canvas


Signature:bottom left

Dimensions:81 x 60 cm


starting price:‍40000 EUR

achieved price:‍72000 EUR

85th Auction, Lot 102


This highly visually attractive example of Špála’s favourite theme of floral still life falls into the sought-after period of the early 1940s, in which the author’s style settled, as well as his characteristic colour range headed by royal blue. Even though Špála didn’t depart from his traditional subject matters, he always approached them with inexhaustible energy and a desire to bring something new into each painting. He tirelessly explored the use of colour and the light potential of the scene. The rich flowers of peonies and asters, flowers that appear in his paintings throughout his work, with a landscape in the background, served him more than well for this purpose. He complemented the juicy bouquet of white flowers with one contrasting pink peony and three daisies. Then he placed the decorated jug in front of a landscape section with a glistening river surface. This way of combining popular landscapes and floral still lives had been especially popular with Špála, as he used it in many variations since the late 1920s. The painting is listed in Špála’s inventory of works under the designation ((1381)). The work will be included in the upcoming monograph by PhDr. K. Srp. Assessed during consultations by prof. J. Zemina and PhDr. J. Machalický. The assessment by PhDr. K. Srp and the expertise by PhDr. M. Kodl are attached.