Ivan Pinkava (1961)


Technique :D Print on photographic paper


Signature:on the reverse

Dimensions:81 × 108 cm

Accessories:frame, glass, matting

starting price:‍4800 EUR

achieved price:‍6240 EUR

85th Auction, Lot 2


This interesting photograph by one of the most prominent personalities of contemporary Czech and world photography, Ivan Pinkava, reflects the author’s distinctive visual expression in all its power and uniqueness. Via his works, the artist speaks of the relentlessness of the passage of time, of uncertainty and transiency. The photograph Lacrima, (2016), belongs to a wider collection of non-figurative photographs, which the author entitled Mensa. Mensa in the sense of a sacrificial table, which here becomes a kind of scene of the world, where the micro-drama of human existence takes place tightly and essentially. To the majesty, beauty and life also belongs its shadow, in this case a drying leaf, which still sheds its last tear – Lacrima. The work comes directly from the artist’s studio. 50% of the proceeds from this artwork will be credited to the account of the Bátor Tábor Foundation and will be fully exempt from auction fees.