Zdeněk Trs (1985)

Refraction II

Technique :oil on canvas


Signature:on the reverse

Dimensions:80 × 80 cm


starting price:‍4400 EUR

achieved price:‍8000 EUR

85th auction, Lot 13


This characteristic work of Zdeněk Trs, a talented representative of contemporary Czech painting, is executed in monochrome tones and characterised by an unusual fineness and purity of artistic expression. The work of this graduate of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, who studied under the guidance of Zdeněk Beran, combines an abstract geometric style with light as the alpha and omega of vision. In the perfect synthesis of these elements, mysterious scenes full of peace and harmony are created, which literally draw the beholder into their interior. Their apparent infinity becomes the third dimension beyond the flat substance of the canvas. The author himself thinks of the work with the following intentions: “The golden ratio, duality, the relationship between a circle and a square; the proportions relating to man, how he perceives the world around him, his hidden relationships, and the relationships revealed by the light that infiltrates the abstract plane and casts a shadow. The square and circle that intersect; the refraction as a symbol of the eternal desire to establish a balance between the physical and the spiritual.” This artwork is a donation from the author. 50% of the proceeds from this artwork will be credited to the account of the Bátor Tábor Foundation and will be fully exempt from auction fees.