Miroslav Polách (1980)

The Descent of the Cross

Technique :oil on canvas


Signature:on the reverse

Dimensions:110 × 80 cm


starting price:‍7692 EUR

achieved price:‍15000 EUR

85th Auction, Lot 15



The self-confident example of painterly virtuosity of the outstanding Czech artist, Miroslav Polách, is very attractive for the audience mostly for its detailed execution using a sophisticated technique of classical painting. The depicted situations are the result of accurate and well-thought-out staged photographs, which the author uses as templates for the final works. He does not copy photographs; he only chooses what is essential for his artistic illusion. Polách often carries motifs for his paintings in his head for a very long time until he finds suitable props or locations. In this case, he was allowed to realise his idea at Saint Barbara‘s Church in Kutná Hora, with the participation of his friends, fellow artists Vladimír Véla, Lubomír Typlt, and Ivan Pinkava. The theme of the presented work is the archetypal scene of the carrying of the cross, which has been directly inspired by Titian and Rubens. However, the genre scene is de-contextualised and takes on a new meaning. The work comes directly from the author’s studio. 50% of the proceeds from this artwork will be credited to the account of the Bátor Tábor Foundation and will be fully exempt from auction fees.