Offer an art work in KODL Gallery


We accept paintings, drawings, graphics and sculptures for auction and private sale.

Based on a professional assessment of the offered works of art, it is possible to personally agree on the most suitable method and conditions of sale.


We are accepting works for upcoming auctions.


Why sell your art work through KODL Gallery?


   High guarantee of sold works


   Team of professionals 


   Sale success rate almost 99%


   Record-setting results


   The highest turnover in the Czech Republic



How to sell your work of art?


1. Contact us

Contact the experts in our auction house by email:  


Directly contact a specific colleague, an art historian specializing in the period from which your work originates: Contact a specific colleague

Consultation on the offered art work is free of charge.


Email content:

• quality photographs of the offered art work (front and back, signature detail)

• brief description (author, technique, dimensions, etc.)

• information about acquiring the art work (inheritance, purchase, etc.)

• any professional expert opinion, restoration reports or other documentation

• your contact details (phone, email)


Based on this information, your work will be professionally assessed and a further procedure will be suggested to you. In the case of a mutual agreement on the inclusion of the art work for sale in our gallery, a personal arrangement will follow, during which all contractual requirements will be agreed.



2. Come for a personal meeting

The personal appointement usually takes place by prior arrangement at a specifically agreed time at the KODL Gallery in the presence of PhDr. Martin Kodl. You bring your art work to the appointement and it is then carefully re-examined and assessed.



3. Contract signing

During the appointment, the starting price of the work and the contractual conditions are determined. It is also agreed on possible restoration, framing or making expert opinions on the painting. All these services are provided by the gallery through renowned and years-proven experts.

A contract is signed stating the starting price, the conditions before and after the auction. Also, when you receive the from the sale, the conditions for returning the work, insurance, etc. If the item is not sold, we will return it to you, or it may be included in a private sale with a newly set price by prior agreement.



4. Acceptance the work into gallery

After signing the contract, the art work is accepted into the gallery and the requisites necessary for inclusion in the auction are done:

• Take a print-quality photo

• Description in the auction catalogue

• Promotion of the work

• Other agreed services (such as restoration, framing, expertise, etc.)


All these processes are very time consuming, and therefore it is always advisable to contact the gallery as soon as possible before the date of the required auction, so that all art works can be properly secured and 100% ready for auction.

The ideal time for receiving works for the spring auction is December–March.

The ideal time for receiving works for the autumn auction is June–September.



5. Your art work at auction

An auction catalogue is sent to the owner of the work at the address specified in the contract, approximately two weeks before the auction date. About a month before the auction, the catalogue is available in electronic form for free download on the gallery's website. All owners are cordially invited to the auction.

The owners are familiarized with the results of the auction immediately after its end on the basis of a telephone call from us. The result list is placed on the gallery's website no later than the second day after the auction. The money is paid out immediately after payment by the new owner, who has 10 days to pay. The original owner will therefore receive the amount within one, in the extreme case up to three weeks from the date of the auction.