Charitativní prodej pro Konto Bariéry

The KODL Gallery has been a partner of artists' auction salons for the Konto Bariéry for more than a quarter of a century. This unique project began in 1993 and over the years almost 70 million crowns have been raised. "Martin Kodl as a person and the KODL Gallery in general is always a certainty that brings us peace of mind during the sale of works of art from hundreds of donors, leading Czech artists. The proceeds are 100% intended for charity, specifically for financing scholarships for students, high school students and university students with disabilities. This gives pleasure to the artists who offer us their gifts, but also to the professionals who guarantee the faultless and indisputable running of the auction,” says Božena Jirků, director of the Konto Bariéry.


Konto Bariéry, the longest-running public collection in the Czech Republic, helps on a daily basis people with disabilities and the organizations that care for them. Their goal is to bring the disabled back to life. More information at: