We help wheelchair users with spinal cord damage find their way forward. For 20 years now. 

Works by contemporary artists have already been auctioned twelve times at KODL Gallery auctions for the benefit of the Paraple Center for a total of CZK 13,322,000 donated.

The Paraple Center is a counseling and rehabilitation facility that helps people with spinal cord injuries and their families overcome a difficult life situation and find a way forward.

Damage to the spinal cord as a result of injury or disease affects up to 250 people in our country every year. He has to start over, otherwise, in a wheelchair. The Paraple Center's professional team helps them improve their physical and mental condition, achieve the greatest possible degree of self-sufficiency and independence, live a full family life, pursue interests and hobbies, and return to work.

More than 1,400 wheelchair users from all over the country repeatedly use the Paraple Center's multidisciplinary support and assistance every year. These are mainly social rehabilitation services, professional counseling and nursing, respite care and specialized therapeutic programs, sports and retraining courses, workshops, parenting and healthy lifestyle courses... In such a complex of services, the Paraple Center is the only facility of its kind in our country.

The goal of our work is also to change public awareness - so that we all perceive wheelchair users as full members of our society. In this regard, the Paraple Center organizes several prestigious charity events: the televised Charity Academy, the Paraple Run, or even the Charity Golf Tournament.


The long-term patron of Paraplete is Zdeněk Svěrák, who also started the center's activities in 1994 together with Olga Havlova and the Association of Paraplegics.

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