8. 2. 2023 Mám se moc dobře; počasí mi přeje. Lihu však vzal jsem málo, ba i desek.

Beautiful prints in the collection of Vilém Trmal

 8.2.–24.2.2023 | KODL Gallery premises


The current exhibition "Mám se moc dobře; počasí mi přeje. Lihu však vzal jsem málo, ba i desek" in rough outline maps the territory of (collecting) passions that Vilém Trmal modeled for more than four decades. The oldest area, not in terms of interest but dates of publication, consists of alchemical and magical treatises from the 16th to 18th centuries. The atmosphere of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries is represented by the production of the Modern Revue Library and a collection of Old Reich prints from the workshop of Josef Florian and his relatives. The world of bibliophilia publishers is brought to life in a very plastic way by the covers of the works of Josef Portman, Jaroslav Picka and František Jan Müller. The works of Toyen, Jindřich Štyrský, and Josef Šíma represent the Czech interwar modernism, which is also among the most sought after abroad. The resulting network is further thickened by the work of solitaires Jiří Karásk ze Lvovice, Miloš Marten, Jakub Deml, Ladislav Klíma, the first edition of books by Pietro Andrea Mattioli, Alexander Sergejevich Puškin, Karel Jaromír Erben, Božena Němcová, František Gellner, Vladimír Holan, manuscripts by Vojmír Vokolek, graphic the cycles of Bohuslav Reynek, František Kobliha, Anna Macková or the work of Josef Váchal...



The exhibition is accompanied by the publication of the catalog of the same name by Pavel Hájek, which contains a complete list of Vilém Trmal's collection of beautiful prints and more than fifty representative photographs. The publication can be purchased in the gallery or in our e-shop.