Auction your favourite paintings with us


Twice a year, the KODL Gallery organises a renowned auction in the Large Hall of Prague’s Žofín. The dates usually fall on the last Sundays of May and November. The auction day is preceded by a month-long presale exhibition, which is open to the general public free of charge throughout May or November, directly at the gallery on Národní třída. 


The complete proceeds of the first ten lots are always donated either to the Centrum Paraple non-profit organisation, or the Memory of Nations project administered by the Post Bellum non-profit organisation.


Why buy at KODL Gallery?


   High guarantee of sold works


   More than a hundred years of family collecting tradition


   thousands of works for billions of Czech crowns sold


   Easy online bidding


   Wide and diverse selection of works




Ways of how to bid


Bidding in the sales room

Each auction takes place in the Žofín Palace and is open to the public, with the auction catalogue serving as a ticket. A part of selected works of art is transferred to the auction. These works can be paid for and taken by the winning bidders right after the end of the auction. With card payments, we advise the bidders to check and eventually change their card payment limits in advance so that the bank does not reject the payment. Cash payments are accepted up to CZK 250,000.

Bidders shall arrive at the auction no later than 30 minutes before the start for registration. The bidder must prove their identity. The auction number is issued on a refundable deposit of CZK 500.

The lots are auctioned in the order as listed in the catalogue. The auctioneer will preside over the auction, initiating the sale of a lot by describing the item, announcing the starting price, and starting the bidding. Interested bidders then submit their bids. The minimum amount of a bid increment is stated in the back of the catalogue.

The auctioneer finally determines when the highest bid has been made and announces the lot as “sold”. The bidder, who placed this highest bid, as of this moment becomes the new owner of the item and acquires the right and obligation to conclude a purchase contract for the subject of the auction for this price. The new owner has a time limit of 10 days to pay for the item. The item remains in the gallery until it is paid for.



Fixed limit

Bidders do not have to be present at the auction in person. They may delegate a power of attorney to a gallery representative or other person. The applicants can submit a so-called fixed limit, in which they clearly state the amount up to which they want to auction the respective auctioned item. The empowered representative will then bid to the auctioneer on their behalf. The bidder will be informed about their success or failure in the auction by phone on the day of the auction.

Applicants shall submit powers of attorney in person or send them by e-mail. The latest submission deadline is 12:00PM on the day preceding the auction. In exceptional cases, it is possible to accept powers of attorney later.


You can also fill in the limit price list online HERE. Please find the dark red “Add to the limit list” button next to each individual artwork.


Power of attorney to download:

Fixed limit

Telephone limit



Telephone bidding

Another option is to bid via phone, using a gallery representative who is present at the auction to relay bids to the auctioneer on the bidder’s behalf. A gallery representative will contact the bidder during the auction to convey the developments in the auction hall and receive instructions on how to proceed in the auction on the bidder’s behalf.



Online bidding

The live auctions of the KODL Gallery are supplemented with the opportunity to take part online via the auction portal Artslimit. You can register directly on or in person at the KODL Gallery. Should you require further information, please send us an e-mail on or contact us on +420 725 182 834.


More detailed rules of the auction are defined in the auction notice, which is part of every auction catalog.